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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Look that Started it all - Katy Perry

March 7, 2011. 
This was well over a year ago, and I had been contemplating for years to start my very own YouTube channel. I had always doubted myself, thinking that my content was never going to get any views or that I was not entertaining enough. But during the beginning of my spring semester of my Freshman year at College I decided that I would go for it. You never know till you try right? When I came home for spring break I decided to film my first tutorial. But the problem was that I didn't have a decent camera to film. I told my dad about this and he took me to Best Buy the very next day and bought me an expensive, wonderful, HD, webcam. I was shocked he purchased it for me but I also didn't complain :) At home on the day I got the camera I set off to film my very first video. 
It was so exciting yet overwhelming. I had no idea what makeup look to create. I went to Google and searched for some makeup looks and still I was uninspired. I decided to take a break and went to YouTube to listen to some music. Now I will have you know that Hot N' Cold by Katy Perry is my life song. It honestly was written for me (not really). I love that song. IT'S SO CATCHY! So obviously I listened to it. And as I was watching the music video I saw the makeup she was wearing and thought "Ooo, that's really pretty!" Then. it hit me. That was the look that I would do. 

This is the look about 2/3 into the video right after she sings the bridge

It's so bright and green and fun! Yep. It was definitely a winner! But I didn't want to do a look that was exactly like this. I wanted to have my own twist on it. 
Instead of just a green eye shadow and black eyeliner that Katy has on, I used a bright Aqua liner in addition to the green eye shadow. It added more color and dimension to the look.

 Here is my version of the look.
 I loved the colors together! I think it turned out great. 

Also, the other reason I wanted to film this look was because I had recently purchased two eyeliners by Jemma Kidd during a shopping trip at Target. They were bright liquid liners in the colors Aqua and Lime green. Video was hitting two birds in one stone because it was a review of the products as well as a tutorial.

It's been more than a year and when I look back on this video I can see that I was a bit awkward. I talked really slow. You can definitely tell that I was new to filming. I also did NOT know how to edit videos though I suppose I did pretty well, considering that the entire video was about 45 minutes long before I edited it down to the 10 minutes it is now. I see how far that I've come from my first video and I'm pleased with the work I do and the progress that I am making.

I honestly don't know why I was talking like the way I did. I definitely made my voice pitch higher. I always thought I had a pretty low voice for a girl, but now looking back I just sound like a kid! haha

***This video is just a tutorial on how to do the eyes and the eyes only. I did not include a foundation routine, bronzer, blush, or a lip color.

So without further ado, here is my debut video on my YouTube channel.
Enjoy! :)

List of products used:
Jemma Kidd Color Liquid Liner in Contrast
Milani Eye Shadow in Garden Mist
E.l.f. "C" shaped  Eye Shadow Brush 
Lanmei eye shadow pigment in 53
Lanmei eye shadow pigment in 46
Jemma Kidd Color Liquid Liner in Covert

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The next couple of posts will be of makeup tutorials past. 
I will try to update as much as possible till I catch up to the videos I am filming now. 

Love, SarahLogan <3