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Monday, July 23, 2012

The girl who cried Wolf

July 23, 2012
Today, we will not be taking a look at the past videos that I made. I filmed a brand new video today. continuing on with my "animal" inspired makeup looks. but the first and only installment of that series was filmed almost exactly a year ago. 
I took the same girl who was my canvas, the lovely Kendall Reasons, and turned her into a wolf. A grey and white wolf to be exact. I think a wolf's face is so striking. I wanted to keep the look as simple as possible without making it look "cartoony". I was painting a wolf on a bunch of kids for theatre camp back at my high school last week. I loved what I came up with and wanted to recreate it but something that did not look like face paint. I wanted it a little more realistic. 
I used theatre grade makeup. I did a lot of contouring of the face and A LOT of blending of the colors to fade well together. I elongated the eye shape and painted her top lip white and the bottom lip black making the top lip stick out more, which gave the illusion of a snout. 

Here is the completed Wolf face

Now after I was finished with the makeup, I had an idea to get a little more creative.
What do wolves do? They are hunters. They catch prey. So I decided to make this pretty little wolf into a hungry little wolf. >:) I put a little black and red on the side of her mouth and all over her fingers to make it look like she had just enjoyed dinner. nom nom nom.

Here is she-wolf enjoying dinner.

Kendall was such a great sport for letting me get her all bloody!
Of course the "blood" on her hand isnt my greatest work because I was in a rush. But I think the overall look came out great! this look doesnt take up the entire face and isn't all that time consuming! 
It was fun to work with Kendall again. Hope it happens again soon!

Here is my take on the animal wolf
Enjoy! :)

List of Products Used:
Ben Nye Creme Foundation in Fair light
Ben Nye Translucent Powder in Fair
Ben Nye Creme Foundation in red
Ben Nye Creme Foundation in black
Ben Nye Creme Foundation in white
E.L.F. 100 eyeshadow pallete
Kirkland Signature brushes

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